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By now, you’ve probably been seeing the many headlines for at-home fat freezing. A concept you’ve had a hard time wrapping your brain around.

Freezing your fat away?


However, scientific studies prove what seems impossible. It isn’t a myth or a fad, but a clinically proven process that has been studied and proven in countless medical journals and publications.

Fat freezing might not be a new technology, but is making headway into the market right now as a better way to getting rid of those problem areas you so desperately want gone. For those that are looking for alternative ways to losing weight, at-home fat freezing kits might be the answer for you.

What is Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is an FDA approved, non surgical treatment, ridding body fat from areas we aren’t happy with. By freezing fat cells with controlled cooling and repeatedly exposing the cells to specific temperatures, a process known as fat cell death occurs, which is a release of inflammatory molecules around the treatment area.

Over the course of using your at-home fat freezing kits, your body then naturally processes the dead cells, transports them through the lymphatic system, and eliminates them, causing fat to naturally pass through your body. The result is visible fat loss and a reduction of cellulite.

By exposing the fat cells directly to cold temperatures, they then convert themselves into heat in order to counter the cold, and because fat tissue is more vulnerable to cold temperatures than other tissues, the fat cells are destroyed while reducing damage to the surrounding skin, nerves, vessels, and muscles, unlike invasive surgeries such as liposuction that damages all surrounding areas.

To get the most out of your fat freezing kits, experts say to also add diet and exercise to improve circulation and health. It will also accelerate the results you want to see.

Systems like blue At-Home Fat Freezing Kits use proprietary dual targeting technology that targets both inner and outer fat layers. They are designed to keep the fat layers at their optimal fat freezing temperature giving the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Not only do systems like these give amazing results, but they are extremely easy to use. All you do freeze the wraps over night, slip the wrap around your problem area, and wear for an hour a day, everyday for ten weeks.

It’s that simple!

The best part of these wraps, is that you can do them in the comfort of your home, hence “at-home” fat freezing kits. So whether you want to watch television, have a small work out, or get some work done on the computer or at the office, you can wear the wraps virtually anywhere, doing anything.

Who is it For?

If you’re looking for a one stop shop for fat removal, unfortunately fat freezing isn’t for you. Fat freezing isn’t for those with excessive body weight or who are considered obese, but are for individuals that are looking for mild improvements on their problem areas. So think of those love handles or extra weight on certain body parts.

Systems work best for individuals within 20-30% of their ideal body weight who need help sculpting the areas that don’t respond well with diet and exercise. Many wraps only measure out to a specific length as well, so if you exceed that length due to excessive body fat, you won’t be able to wear the wraps.

At-home fat freezing kits also work best when targeting one area at a time. Both arms, or legs, will work fine, but avoid targeting both your stomach and legs/arms at the same time.

Benefits and Side Effects

The benefits of using at-home fat freezing kits are quite amazing for something so simple. Most people begin seeing results within 3-10 weeks, and see even better results when pairing with diet and exercise. Those that use it see a significant improvement to their problem areas.

At home fat freezing kits are also inexpensive. So rather than spending your money on a personal trainer or gym membership, you can save money and do it in the comfort of your home.

Side effects are almost none existent. There have been no reports of serious side effects, and the minimal effects that have been seen are temporary redness, a tingling sensation, numbness, tenderness, slight bruising, swelling, or some itchiness. However, these usually dissipate once the wrap is removed.

Only you can decide whether at home fat freezing kits are right for you. But if you’re having difficulty getting rid of those problem areas with traditional methods, and would like to try something that’s simple, affordable, and time effective, I would definitely recommend giving at-home fat freezing kits a try.

What’s there to lose, except that pesky fat?

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