By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the amazing technological breakthrough that is Fat Freezing. Not quite new in the field, but gaining more traction with every passing year, fat freezing has become a popular method for those wanting to get rid of their problem areas without having to do extensive exercises or crazy diet plans.

But is it effective? Can freezing fat cells actually work? Simple answer; yes! But, you aren’t here for a simple answer.

Freezing Fat Cells; The Science

Fat freezing is a non surgical, nonintrusive alternative to liposuction. Although fat freezing isn’t for obesity, it’s a way to get rid of problem areas that seem to stick around longer than we’d like without having to use traditional means of losing weight, such as exercising, personal trainers, crazy diets, or dangerous weight loss pills.

It’s a great alternative for those that have busy schedules, or for those that would like an alternative to shedding that stubborn fat!

The science behind fat freezing is quite simple. When controlled temperatures are placed on problem areas, it targets fat cells specifically. By freezing fat cells with controlled cooling and repeatedly exposing the cells to specific temperatures, a process known as fat cell death occurs, which is a release of inflammatory molecules around the treatment area.

Over the course of the fat freezing process, your body then naturally processes the dead cells, transports them through the lymphatic system, and eliminates them, causing fat to naturally pass through your body. The result is visible fat loss and a reduction of cellulite!

By exposing the fat cells directly to cold temperatures, they then convert themselves into heat in order to counter the cold, and because fat tissue is more vulnerable to cold temperatures than other tissues, the fat cells are destroyed while reducing damage to the surrounding skin, nerves, vessels, and muscles, unlike invasive surgeries such as liposuction that damages all surrounding area.

That stubborn fat that seemed impossible to lose, now gone with ease and comfort!

The best part of this technology, is that you no longer have to go back to a clinic to have it done, but rather in the comfort of your own home! Kits such as Blue are very simple to use, allowing you to lose the weight while not having to bother with gym fees or modified diets.

You simply freeze the packs over night, slip them into the wrap, and then wrap it on your body. Super easy and extremely affordable!

So, Is It Effective?

Freezing your fat cells has proven to be extremely effective time after time. Fat freezing is not a myth or fad, it is a very real, clinically proven process that has been studied and proven in countless medical journals and publications.

It’s effective in reducing fat cells in any treatment area by up to 20 to 25 percent, if not more. Individual results vary depending on the frequency of use, but most those that use these kits begin to see results within 3 to 10 weeks when using the system daily.

Watch those problem areas disappear once and for all!

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