Refer A Friend, Get Rewards!

Refer A Friend, Get A Free blue Sculpt Cream
or $30 Amazon Gift Card!


At Blue, we love when you tell your friends about the success you’ve had, so we created blue Referrals! Every time you tell a friend about blue and they purchase, they save an extra 5% and you get rewarded. It’s a win-win! All you need to do is sign up below to get started!

Every purchase you refer makes you eligible to receive either a blue cream of your choice, or a free $30 Amazon gift card! What are you waiting for? Start referring!

How To Refer Your Friends

Step 1: Sign Up!

To get started with blue Referrals, you need to sign up. Signing up allows us to make a referral code special to you. When you give this code to your friends, they can use this at checkout to save an extra 5%. This also allows us to keep track of how many friends your referred.

Step 2:  Give Out Your Referral Code

Once we email you back with your referral code, you are ready to start giving it out to everyone you know! Make sure your friends use it when they checkout, otherwise we can’t confirm you referred them.

Step 3: Enjoy the rewards!

Whether you decide to get a cream or an Amazon gift card, it’s time to enjoy your rewards. You can refer as many people as you like, so the rewards are unlimited!