Mike’s Blue Journey
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Mike Lost 3 1/2 Inches*

“It was honestly shock and awe”

Mike told us, “it was honestly shock and awe” when he performed his first measurements after 2 1/2 weeks and told his wife “holy crap babe, this thing actually works! I just lost over an inch!!”.

Mike used the blue system in an attempt to lose stomach fat he’d gained over the last few years. He used blue for 9 weeks and lost 3 1/2 inches in his waist.

“When I finally threw my hands in the air and said.. “What the heck, I’m going to try something I never thought I’d try”… that’s for me when I finally tried and lost weight with blue”

Mike went to his then 5 months pregnant wife after he came home from playing a pick up basketball game at the gym. “I said honey I’m sick of being this out of shape where I’m embarrassed to take my shirt off at the gym. I don’t feel like myself anymore and I’m ready to do something about it.”

That first measurement was one of the best days ever!

“I still remember just honestly being shocked.. I have eaten pretty healthy my entire life, played sports and went to the gym.. So I was pretty much trained to think that things like this couldn’t work.. especially this fast.. it was just shocking. I mean I’ve spent countless hours in the gym doing ab exercises and this was just crazy!”

“The world is changing, new weight loss products like blue are reshaping the way we think about what’s possible. It’s an exciting time to be alive and things like this allow us to love our bodies more and still have a lifestyle where we don’t have to live at the gym.”



Salt Lake City, Utah

Weight Loss Motivation

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Favorite Thing About blue

He can wear it while he sleeps so it takes no time out of his day!

blue Weight Loss Tip

Be consistent and be patient. It will pay off just don’t give up!

Danielle S’s Journey

Lost 3 inches in her waist and 2 inches in her thighs*

I have really enjoyed using my blue fat freeze system each day for the last few months and even had to order another blue system as my husband kept stealing it from the freezer so i couldn’t use it!*

Arleen C’s Journey

Lost Inches & Tightened Skin In Stomach, Sides & Legs*

Over the years I have tried every fad out there and nothing worked. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying BLUE, but I actually had a LOT to lose, all my stubborn fat!!*

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Start Your Own Success Story Today!