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The new year always brings in those joyous resolutions we try to maintain for the year. One of the biggest resolutions we often make is starting a weight loss journey, and although most start off their first month or two sticking to this goal, most fall off the wagon as life gets in the way.

However, the strategy to sticking to your goals year round isn’t in excessiveness, but in ease and routine. Most of those that start their new year weight loss resolutions start with extreme goals that aren’t realistic with busy schedules.

Follow this simple guide to make sure your resolutions are conquered.

Foods to Add to Your Diet

Dieting doesn’t have to be hard or excessive. Adding these foods into your daily meals will help you lose the weight without spending excessive time and money on stylized meals!

Whole Eggs: Eggs are filling and nutrient-dense. Unlike refined carbs or empty calories, eggs fill you up and suppress your appetite, making it easier to not snack throughout the day on that unhealthy junk we get our hands on. They’re high in protein, healthy fats, and have a low calorie intake, making them ideal for weight loss goals.

Lean Beef: Eating unprocessed red meat can be an excellent addition to your weight loss diet because it’s high in protein. Protein is an extremely filling nutrient, and eating a high protein diet can allow you to burn up to 80-100 more calories per day than other foods. It can cut your cravings, reducing those late-night snacking adventures, and allows you to lose that excess fat.

Boiled Potatoes: Oh potatoes, the best food out there. Don’t go rushing for those French fries however! Potatoes have several properties making them a perfect food for weight loss and optimal health, containing just a bit of everything you need. They’re high in potassium and an excellent form of reducing your appetite.

Other foods to add to your diet to optimize your weight loss are leafy greens, tuna, salmon, beans, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and more. Try adding these to your meals each day to get the look you want and deserve!

At-Home Fat Freezing Kits

Ditch the gym and try these for yourself!

If you’re one of those with a tight schedule that doesn’t allow much time for exercise, at-home fat freezing kits are perfect for you. But don’t listen to those DIY products online or try and put cold packs on your problem area thinking this will work.

There’s a science behind fat freezing that scientists and medical experts have perfected over the years, allowing you to lose the weight on those problem areas you so desperately want to get rid of!

Products like Blue are extremely easy to use with amazing results that’ll make you wonder why you ever tried anything different. All you do is place their signature cold packs in the freezer for 24 hours, and then simply slide the cold packs into the compression belt and put it on. You do this an hour a day, every day, for ten weeks and watch as the fat freezes away.It can’t get much easier than that.

And the best part about it, is it actually works! Over 80% of Blue users see results that vary between 2-4” after the treatment. And rather than having to sit in a doctors office and pay a ton for procedures like CoolSculpting, you do it in the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost.

The reason Blue and other at home products work, is because there’s a team behind it that develop, test, and improve their product to deliver you a perfect controlled cooling technology to freeze your fat. It isn’t just an ice pack on your problem area, it’s a scientific based technology designed specifically to eliminate fat with minimal damage.

To get the best out of your at home fat freezing kits, do the simple diet tips to maximize your weight loss goals!

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