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3 Additional Dual Targeting Cold Packs

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3 additional dual targeting cold packs for the on the go person who wants to use their system more often for even quicker results.

Watch TV, read your favorite book or even sleep while you effortlessly shed the pounds. blue fat freezing wrap is the world’s easiest way to lose inches and gain the physical physique you’ve always dreamed of. Order yours today and receive in 5-7 business days (Free U.S. shipping).

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3 proprietary dual targeting cold packs for the on the go person who wants to use their system more often for even faster results.

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11 reviews for 3 Additional Dual Targeting Cold Packs

  1. Hank Y. (verified owner)

    My wife purchased this blue system but I wanted to use it as well. However the packs take like 6 hours to freeze and there wasn’t time for us both to use them. So i ordered these and now it’s been perfect for both of us! Save some money, don’t buy 2 systems just buy extra cold packs!

  2. Mariah E. (verified owner)

    Glad I purchased extra, these things take somewhere around 7-8 hours to completely freeze and now I can use my system daily without having to run straight to the freezer after each use.

  3. Jesse B. (verified owner)

  4. Kim C. (verified owner)

  5. Glenn T. (verified owner)

    Very happy to give my endorsement and say i am glad i did get these extras as it made my experience with this program much easier. thanks

  6. michael (verified owner)

    Worked great as an add on. Now I wear my system 2x daily!

  7. Danny L. (verified owner)

    I bought this thinking it was the complete system. IT’S NOT!!! As far as I can tell it’s their cold packs with some weird liquid like cells in the middle. It’s completely useless unless you buy their complete system! Save yourself your money and get the actual procedure done with a specialized doctor.*

  8. Sara (verified owner)

    I recently bought these extra 3 because they were not an option when I first purchased my system. I use it when I go to sleep at night, but now I’ll also be able to use it on my hour long commute to work in the mornings. Double Whammy!*

  9. Thomas (verified owner)

    Purchased the extra 3 but ended up not using my system more than once a day. Bad investment for me.*

  10. Tilly Grant (verified owner)

    If you want to use your system more than once a day, you “have to” purchase the extra 3 dual targeting packs.*

  11. Alicia (verified owner)

    My first review on this company was negative because their main system only has 3 dual targeting packs, and I wanted to use it more than once a day. As there commercials say “The more you use it, the more you lose it!” But the targeting packs need over night to completely freeze. I was frustrated but after I purchased the 3 extra add ons, I was able to use it twice daily. I apologize for the negative review. using it more often with the 3 extra targeting packs has actually sped up the results! I’m only giving it 3 stars because I think it should have come with the 3 extra packs in the first place. And they charge an arm and a leg. Just because you don’t have competetors in the market shouldn’t mean you can charge whatever you want. I think that’s unfair… just my opinion for whatever it’s worth*

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