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Tired of protecting your six pack with a layer of fat?

Is going to the Gym on your to do list, but you never seem to get to it?

We have compiled a list of the four best products that make losing fat seem effortless!

So, what makes a good fat loss product?

We took into consideration a few factors such as ease of use, benefits, and duration of treatment. We want to bring you a list of products you can use today, to get you started on that body you had in your 20’s!



blue Fat Freeze System Exploded ViewEase of Use *****
Blue is by far one of the best fat loss products on the market. It’s easy to use and only takes an hour out of your day. You put their signature cold packs in the freezer for 24 hours, and then you’re ready to go. Simply slide the cold packs into the compression belt and wear it on your problem areas. The best part is, you can go about your day once on. Can’t get much easier than watching tv to lose fat!

Benefit ****
Over 80% of Blue users see results varying from 2-4” after treatment in their mid-section. For a couple hundred bucks, you can start seeing that waist shrink for that perfect bikini season. I’d say it’s a pretty good payoff.

Duration Of Treatment ****/The Blue Fat Freeze System is supposed to be worn for 10 weeks, everyday for an hour. Sounds like a lot, but the fact you can move around and do things while wearing the packs makes it worth it. Plus, many people start seeing results as early as 6 weeks!


Overall the Blue Fat Freeze System is a great alternative to CoolSculpting. It offers similar results at a fraction of the cost while at home rather than having to go into a doctors office. Blue is great for anyone who has stubborn fat that won’t go away, and for people who are honestly just too lazy for the gym, because who are we kidding, the gym sucks.



Ease Of Use ***/
The actual Slimwave is quite easy to use. You wear the belt for 20 minutes a day, 2 to 3 times a week. However, we gave the product 3.5 stars because the device needs/should be used with exercise. For those wishing for simple products without the need of the gym, this might not be the easiest of uses.

Benefit ****
With an average 4 star rating on sites like Groupon and Amazon, you can easily see why people love it. Users consistently report not only fat loss, but weight loss when done right. One user also reported losing 4” off his waist along with 40 pounds!

Duration Of Treatment ***/
This was hard to determine. Slimwave doesn’t have a dedicated site, but from our research, we found that most users started to see results after 2 months of consistent use.

Overall, the Slimwave Fat Loss System is a great way to lose fat, especially if you already have a gym regimen. If you want to cut your time and effort in half, Slimwave is great, and for the price, the benefits are totally worth it.



Ease of Use***
Again, while the actual waist trainer is relatively easy to use (you just put it on), you need to exercise to see the best results. At home weight loss products are the best because they are at home. We want to watch TV, not spend time at the gym!

Benefits ****
With an almost perfect 5 star rating on, it’s true to say people love this product. Users report seeing a difference in as little as one week, and even more results the longer they wear it. Unfortunately, there are some health concerns about squeezing your mid-section so hard, but if you do this system right and safely, then it’s a great at-home product to use.

Duration of Treatment*****
There is no set amount of time that you should use the Kardashian Waist Trainer, but users have seen results in as little as a week! A quick fat loss is what we all want in a product!

For the low cost, results can be amazing as long as you can dedicate time to the gym as well. As long as you aren’t afraid of the health concerns, the overall benefits are great.



Ease of use *****
Much like the Blue Fat Freeze System mentioned earlier, the Ultimate Abs Simulator is similar in ease of use. You just attach it to your desired area for 30 minutes and that’s it! It’s pretty easy.

We have seen mixed results from 5 star raving fans to 1 star scam reviews. The idea of muscle contractions helping you to lose weight is not new, and there once were machines that did the same, but are now no longer produced.

Duration of Treatment****
While there is no specified time amongst reviews, most users report seeing results after 1 month of use.

For the low cost, there isn’t much to lose. The results vary, but if you are as lazy as we are, you might give it a try if you’re on a budget and don’t want to waste time at the gym. With no side effects, what’s there to lose?

So there you have it!

Our 4 best at-home weight loss products!

If you don’t have the time or money for cool sculpting or the gym, go out and give one a try!

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