It can be disheartening when we see celebrities rockin’ their bikini bods (click here for last minute ways to get swimsuit ready) two weeks after having a baby.  I don’t know exactly how they do it, but I imagine personal trainers and/or nannies and/or plastic surgery factor in there somewhere. The rest of us are too tired and too busy to exercise as much as we should, and after all, our absolutely number one priority is our beautiful, precious baby. We figure the belly can wait. After all, it took nine months to put on the “baby belly”; we can’t expect for it to disappear in nine days!

We have here five ways to get back into shape healthfully. As with any exercise or diet regimens, please check with your doctor.

Exercise Gently

Your abs have been through a lot and so have you. Start your at-home exercise program by taking a stroll and very gradually work your way up to a power walk if you want to make that your goal. Walking, even slowly, does wonders, physically, mentally and emotionally. Baby can go along in a front pack or a carriage.

Deep belly breathing is another easy exercise, and you can do it at any time. Sit upright and take a deep breath from the diaphragm. Contract your abdominal muscles and hold as you inhale, and relax as you exhale. Start off with only a few and build up your time. It not only tightens the abs, but it’s extremely relaxing.

how to loose weight after giving birth

Eat Sensibly

Include more viscous fiber into your diet: legumes, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, sweet potatoes, mangoes and oat bran. These are among the foods that absorb water and slow down the digestive process, so that you feel fuller longer and, therefore, eat less. 

No matter how good sugary foods feel, they are not your friend. All those empty calories from cookies, sodas, chocolate, etc. are major contributors to excess belly fat.

Refined carbohydrates convert into sugar. White bread, instant oats and instant rice are directly linked with excess belly fat.

Spices not only add zest to your good, but they are great at reducing your belly weight. Cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, and the like improve digestion and prevent the accumulation of fat.

Green tea has antioxidants and contains caffeine to boost metabolism and aid in the fat-burning process. For a one-two punch, have a hot cup or cold glass of green tea after your walk.

Drink Water

We know that water is pretty much the miracle drink, so have your eight glasses every day. But here’s an interesting twist: Drink warm water with a squirt of lemon. Start first thing in the morning to flush out toxins and increase your body temperature, which ups your metabolism and burns more calories. It also aids in the breakdown of adipose tissue (body fat). Here’s another on how to drink more water.

Get Enough Rest

Yes, we know—easier said than done, but lack of adequate rest causes stress, and stress releases cortisol (stress hormones) into your bloodstream. Not only are you tired, but you are easily susceptible to weight gain and retention. High levels of cortisol increase the craving for sweet and fatty foods, and those fat molecules get stored in the belly region. Try to sleep when baby is sleeping.

Freeze the Belly Off!

You can freeze off the stomach fat while you relax and take some “me” time or while you cuddle with your bundle of joy. The blue fat freeze system is the result of years of research during which scientists discovered that cold kills fat cells and reduces those fatty areas of the body. It’s affordable and designed to be used at home at your convenience without scary needles and questionable pills. It’s as easy as wrapping the pack around your midsection for a flatter, well-toned belly region.   

Get started using blue and join the thousands who've already seen incredible results to their bodies!!

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